Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Humble Beginnings - The Journey To 150K

I, like most gamers, always seem to perform better when I'm working towards something. Having a target in sight works like that little hare that all the Greyhounds chase; it always seems a little out of reach, but the harder you push yourself the closer you get to catching it and eating it alive.

Moving away from that particular analogy and on to something more relevant, "The End x360a" is somewhat of an experiment. Is it possible to achieve 150,000 GamerScore in less than a year? Of course, theoretically it is possible - there are more than enough easy games out there to propel most people up the leaderboards in just a few months. But for the average person, can it be done? Without the luxury of a crazy collection of games, a solid boosting party and copious amounts of time on one's hands, it doesn't seem quite so easy.

So I'm going to find out.

I'm your average guy. I don't have loads of money, I only have one Xbox, I don't have a regular team of other gamers who I can boost every game with, and I have commitments outside of what goes on within my 360. My games collection is fairly small, I have a daughter to bring up and I need to socialise to maintain my sanity. The only advantage I seem to have is that if there is anything in life that I really, really excel at, than that's playing videogames.

So yeah, it's going to be tough. But if I make it, then it will be one of my proudest moments as a gamer. Can it be done? How quickly can it be done? I don't know yet, but within the next 12 months I'm going to find out; and this blog is my way of showing everybody else what can be done with a little commitment and determination.

When I complete a game, I will create a post detailing how I personally got all the achievements. This isn't an achievement guide (if you're wanting the best help you can get with your achievement hunting, boomark this site) but rather a personal summary of what method I found to be most effective. There might even be some useful stuff in there every once in a while.

Other than that, I will be sure to update daily with things I am doing and things I have planned for the future. You can subscribe to this blog by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. If you have your own blog, click "Follow" on the right hand side of the page and I will return the favour. Feel free to add me on XBL, my tag is also on the right of the page. If you want to boost anything, just send me a message with the FR.

Wish me luck, I'm going to need it.